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Sumit a Review
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"I must have had at least 10 epiphanies about how we look at prophecy"

This course clearly looks as if it was created to discuss, debate, and prove the validity of ancient prophecy in such an intelligent way, it's easy to see the producers are passionate and care about the topics being discussed as well as being incredibly knowledgeable about all views from multiple denominations, religions and secular world views. This is NOT a product that you watch once and toss, but one you'll hold onto for years and share with everyone you know! In part 1 of the course, I must have had at least 10 epiphanies about how we look at prophecy and understand the ancient world and this is coming from someone who actively watches these types of films! This will bring such a new and deep meaning to not only Revelation, but to life itself that it has changed the way I look at everything.

- Linda Judd, California, USA

"The Most Compelling View of Revelation I've Ever Seen."

As far as these types of products go, most of this stuff is produced by prophecy nuts or conspiracy theorists or overdramatized mainstream TV shows, but Decoding the Future takes an entirely different approach and actually educates us on how theologians have truly decoding these prophecies. One may think his discredits the book,but in fact it does the opposite. This DVD actually reinforces that the prophecies are 100% true and paints such a convicting picture from a theological, eschatological and archeological view that I'm not event sure where to begin on how it does such a good job of finally blowing the lid off of Revelation the way it does. I understand these last days prophecies now from watching this for 1.5 hours than I have from the last 10 years of studying! This is simply a MUST WATCH!

- Cindy Doresett, USA

"This was the best interpretation I have witnessed about the book of revelation"

This was the best interpretation I have witnessed about the book of revelation. I highly recommend this documentary course. I want to see more and more. real on site visits to ancient cities that are mentioned in the revelation. explaining step by step what each city was like at that time. all this information gave me a better idea of what Paul is trying to reveal to us. I cannot wait to see more.

- napal1

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